WorkDay 云端的企业人力资源解决方案




Workday’s mission is to build the next generation of enterprise business services—Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Payroll—and deliver the solutions on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Founded by PeopleSoft founder and former CEO Dave Duffield with former PeopleSoft Vice Chairman and head of product strategy Aneel Bhusri in March, 2005, Workday is offering an innovative and fresh approach for today’s global businesses.

After founding Workday, Dave and Aneel quickly realized they had a chance to build an enterprise solution from scratch, allowing them to place the emphasis back on the customer.

Since signing its first customer, Workday quickly emerged as a leader in software-as-a-service business solutions for the enterprise, serving customers from small businesses to corporations listed in the Fortune 500.


至于价格,咨询中…还有一个担心,就是能否像office365一样,访问便利性是否经得起考验… 在HK有sales office。