Volvo 2018 XC60 – Embrace the future

从Volvo发布全新2018 XC60以来,一直蛮关注的,马上就要广州车展上中国上市了。突然看到Youtube上一则美国volvo的广告,甚是感动,深有共鸣。


Do get nervous, and it’s ok, it’s only human.

Nerves are a sign that stepping outside your comfort zone,

and  that’s when you find out what you’re really capable of.

It’s natural to be afraid of things you don’t know, it’s not okay to run away from them.

My mom taught me that, she always believed in me, she never questioned my abilities or capabilities to achieve whatever it was I wanted to do.

That’s how I was raised, that’s who I am.

The only thing that can stop you from becoming whatever you want to be are the limitations you put on yourself.