Flat UI正流行

Flat UI Pro is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap in a stunning flat-style. 呵呵,基于Bootstrap哦。


Flat design is a method that does not use any extra effects to create a scheme that does not include any three-dimensional attributes. There are no drop shadows, bevels, embossing, gradients or other tools used that help lift elements off the screen or create added depth. Icons and UI elements are crisp and without feathered edges and shadows.

Flat design is just that – flat.

Flat design is not completely without effects, it just lacks added extras to create “artificial” depth and dimension. Even more designs fall into the category of “almost flat,” where the overall look and concept contains very few effects.


Principles of Flat Design

  • No Added Effects
  • Simple Elements
  • Focus on Typography
  • Focus on Color
  • Minimalist Approach
  • “Almost” Flat Design


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